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Avery Dennison is a world famous manufacturer of pressure sensitive adhesive materials of which the most known are self-adhesive address labels. The company is present at the New York Stock Exchange as a part of S&P 500 index. It is one of the biggest corporations in the US; in 2010 it was ranked at no. 362 of Fortune 500 largest companies in America.

Avery was originally founded by Mr and Mrs Avery in 1935 in Los Angeles as Kum Kleen Products. The name has been changed several times in the past to reach its current name Avery Dennison in 1990 after merging with Dennison Manufacturing.

Although Avery is mostly associated with address labels it’s not the only field that they operate in. With sales exceeding $6 billion a year the company has a wide range of products, most of which would be in pressure sensitive materials such as Avery labels. The rest of their assortment includes office and consumer products (binders, dividers, sheet protectors or writing accessories), automotive and industrial products (security printing, specialty tape, performance films), Avery also designs, manufactures and sells various price marking and identification products.

This page is devoted to one segment of Avery Dennison products and that is labels - Address Labels, Identification Labels, Media Labels, File Folder Labels, Shipping Labels and Label Pads.

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